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About Me

Art has been a part of me ever since I was a young girl.  My parents shared their love for nature and the outdoors, and we spent much time exploring trails, state, and national parks in our beautiful country. Back, then I made drawings of my experiences , and later began painting larger scenes on canvas. My inspiration to create, often comes from nature. Nature is life - always changing, beautiful, fleeting, organic and moving.


I find something very freeing about being outside, whether it’s on a hike or enjoying flowers in a garden. I love to look at details around me, like the scraggly winding branches of an old oak tree or the vibrant hues in flowers, even  the way light plays in patterns, as it comes through foliage along a path, or the simple beauty of a variety of flowers bundled together.



I love to paint because I can express my adoration for the natural world through my art. It brings me such joy to see an image of nature come to life on my canvas. My aim, as I create, is to capture natural beauty as a moment in time, making it last just a little longer.


I want others to connect to my love for nature when they see my paintings.  My artwork lives on in people’s homes and spaces reminding them of nature’s natural splendor.


In my painting process I apply layers of paint, creating depth and texture. I use medium-bodied acrylic paints and broad-brush strokes, keeping most of my work loose and lively, then adding in layers and details for clarity in my compositions.


I studied art at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California and at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California.  I enjoyed and experimented with many art mediums, but acrylic paintings is what I am most passionate about. 


My work has been exhibited internationally, nationally and locally from California, Oregon and Texas, to Abu Dhabi.

My most recent shows have been in galleries and juried art markets in Dallas, Waco and Austin, Texas.


 I currently paint from my home studio in Waco, Texas.  In just a few short years, I have fallen in love with the terrain, the pace of life, and most of all its friendly people. I am so grateful to my community and the way they lift up and support local artists. 

Supporting artists and building community in art has become something I feel led to do. When we are together, wether creating, encouraging one another, or even showcasing our work, there is comradery and strength that we can't find individually. This is why I host art retreats and put on the Austin Avenue Art Fair. When art and artist are valued, uplifted up and invested in, a community thrives.

See my Artist CV Here.

You can also find my profile in the Matt Tommey  Artist Directory.

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